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Dr. Diane England would like to hear your story about living with a partner with PTSD. Hopefully, you have some good news to share as well as tales of woe or sorrow--something that can offer other partners of PTSD sufferers some hope, in other words. Also, if you have used some of the suggestions in "The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship," Dr. Diane England would like to hear about how they worked for you. See, she is thinking that in the future, she might compile a second book using some of your stories and ideas. However, Dr. England can not guarantee this will be the case.

Please, do not see this as any type of a contract. However, if you wouldn't mind seeing your story in a book (your real name may or may not be used), then do forward a brief synopsis of your experiences. Don't worry about writer's block or having great composition skills because, again, she does not want something long and detailed at this point. If Dr. Diane England believes your story might be something she could use, she may contact you for an interview, or she might email you and ask that you send her an expanded version of your story.

Thank you for your interest and support of this potential project that could be of service to those who will face what you already have. May your experiences and what you have learned benefit others and become one of the positives in the negative that you and your partner have faced.

"Because You Suffer Along with Your Partner with PTSD"

Diane England, Ph.D.
Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region , NH
Phone: 603-542-6507

E-mail us by filling out the form below: