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Before I ever wrote The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Relationship: How to Support Your Partner and Keep Your Relationship Healthy, I was writing about narcissism, addictions, and abuse at a website with that same name. I also discussed the codependent and codependency as well as how to become codependent-no-more via personal development and spiritual growth.Thus, I want to provide you with links to these two websites as well as to which I've recently revised to present myself more as the creative writer versus as Diane England, Ph.D., the clinical social worker. And why did I elect to do this? Well, because I've drafted a couple of novels (upmarket women's fiction) that I hope to soon announce have been purchased by major New York publishers. Meanwhile, I think of myself as a novelist-in-waiting.

Not surprisingly, my protagonists and other characters in these two manuscripts deal with some of the same type of issues or challenges I currently address in articles on my websites. But also not surprisingly, my protagonists ultimately undergo personal development and spiritual growth and, as a result, come to discover the type of love and joy that had previously eluded them. Their journeys make for fun reads since the plots present interesting twists that take my characters on emotional roller coaster rides. Plus I like to think that the settings for all this emotional turmoil come across as authentic because my scenes are set in places where I've lived--including northern Italy which enthralled me with its quaint towns tucked against the ragged but nonetheless majestic peaks of the Dolomite Mountains. I hope my love for that county rings forth from every page that is set there. So anyway, hopefully I'll soon be telling you to watch for these two works of women's fiction. Well, and then I have another how-to/self-help book I intend to get out there as well. Meanwhile, though, I hope you find my other websites both interesting and helpful.
Here are the links: